210 WEBER'S LECTURES Man erhält[196] (yjR2 + a\) (y/R2 + a\) So sind große Stromstärken direkt meßbar.[197] [196] a1 and a2 are the respective distances between the magnet and the center of each coil. [197] The following material is written on the inside back cover of the second notebook. It appears to be related to material in the text on p. 99 (see note 66). The final assertions about k are incorrect. "DD" presumably stands for "Durch Division." , PnVnQa CP - cv H -J Cp _ _ - , PnVn0a - K - 1 i Cv Pn* CyJ ist unabhängig von N[atur] d[er] S[ubstanz]. vnO cv cv- A = konst. Atomzahl per Volumeinh. konst. Vol vn0 Masse 1 Vol 1 " - M 1 Vol Vn0 " A ft Vn0 1 v"0A vn0A Konst. DD »nO-* = Konst. CvA k ist unabh. von Substanz. k ist auch unabh. von Temperatur.
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