BIOGRAPHIES 385 Maric, Mileva See Einstein-Maric, Mileva. Müller-Winteler, Marie b. 24 April 1877 in Burgdorf, canton of Bern d. 24 September 1957 in Meiringen, canton of Bern Daughter of Jost and Pauline (Rosa) Winteler. 1892-1895, attended Aarau Lehrerinnenseminar. 1895, Aargau cantonal teaching diploma. 1896-1897, had romantic friendship with Einstein. November-December 1896, teacher at primary school in Olsberg, canton of Aargau. 1897, petitioned to take courses in French and Italian at Aargau Kantonsschule as part of training as governess. 1902-1905, teacher at primary school in Murgenthal, canton of Aargau. 1906, enrolled in home economics course in Aarau. 1911, married Albert Müller, watch factory manager in Büren, canton of Bern, with whom she had two children. 1911-ca. 1924, lived in Rüti near Büren gave organ and piano lessons, Ca. 1924-1938, lived in Solothurn gave music lessons. 1927, divorced. 1938-ca. 1950, lived in Zurich wrote poetry and gave music lessons sought Einstein's help to emigrate to the United States. Ca. 1950-1957, lived in Meiringen, canton of Bern. Of her friendship with Einstein she wrote: "Wir haben uns innig geliebt, aber es war eine durchaus ideale Liebe." Sources: Aargau cantonal records on schooling and teaching diploma, SzASa private communications from Winteler family correspon- dence with Einstein. Niggli, Mathilde Julia b. 1 October 1873 in Aarburg, canton of Aargau d. 9 July 1959 in Zofingen, canton of Aargau Teacher and writer early friend and correspondent of Einstein. Daughter of city clerk and music historian Arnold Niggli. 1875, moved with family to Aarau. Ca. 1891-1895, studied at Aarau Lehrerinnenseminar, Ecole superieure in Morges, canton of Vaud, and an English-language institute. 1895, received Diplom for teaching English and French from University of Zurich. 1895- 1897, governess to Swiss family in Italy. 1897-1899, lived in Aarau wrote articles for local newspapers. 1897-1899, became friends with Einstein during his visits to Winteler family played music with him. 1899-1910, language tutor to American girl in Frankfurt/Main accompanied her to U.S. 1910, moved to Zurich kept house for widowed father. 1916-1937, teacher of English and French at trade school and Höhere Töchterschule in Zurich.
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