BIOGRAPHIES 389 Winteler, Marie See Müller-Winteler, Marie. Winteler-Einstein, Maria (Maya or Maja) b. 18 November 1881 in Munich d. 25 June 1951 in Princeton Einstein's younger sister. 1887-1894, attended public school in Munich. 1894, entered German-language International School in Milan. 1899-1902, stud- ied at Aarau Lehrerinnenseminar. 1902, passed entrance examinations for University of Bern. 1902-1903, tutor to Michele Besso's younger sister in Trieste. 1904-1907, attended University of Berlin spent last year in seminar on Romance languages. 1905, received Aargau teaching diploma. 1906-1911, lived in Bern. 1907-1908, attended University of Bern. 1909, University of Bern doctoral dissertation, "Beiträge zur Überlieferung des Chevalier au Cygne und der Enfances Godefroi," supervised by K. Jaberg. 1910, married Paul Winteler (1882-1952). 1911-1922, lived in Lucerne, where Paul worked for Gotthard Railroad Company. 1922-1939, lived in Colonnata, outside Florence, Italy, after Paul's retirement. 1924, wrote unpublished biographical sketch of Einstein. 1939, emigrated, without Paul, to United States after 1938 Italian anti-Semitic legislation. 1939-1951, lived with Einstein in Princeton. 1946-1951, was bedridden after stroke. Sources: Einstein/Besso 1972 curriculum vitae in University of Bern records, SzBeSa Aargau cantonal records on schooling and teaching diploma, SzASa correspondence with Winteler family, Sz, Wint. Korr. correspondence with Einstein.
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