CHRONOLOGY, 1879-1902 375 November 9 December 23 1900, January 6 March 17 April 17 July 27 July 27-ca. August 9 July 28 ca. August 9 August 18 early September September 21 October 7 October 11 December 13 end of December 1901, February 21 March-April March 1 Einstein registers at Unionstraße 4 in Zurich, where he again rooms in the house of Henriette Hägi. The winter vacation begins. Classes resume. Classes at the ETH end. The winter semester ends on 24 March. The summer semester at the ETH begins and classes start. Einstein passes the oral final examination for the Diplom. Einstein spends a holiday with his mother, sister, and aunt in Melchtal. He informs his mother that Maric and he plan to marry. Einstein receives his Diplom as Fachlehrer in mathema- tischer Richtung from the ETH. Einstein goes to Zurich to inquire about a position as Assistent to Professor Adolf Hurwitz at the ETH. Einstein travels to Milan. Einstein and his father visit the father's power stations in Canneto and Isola della Scala, and also visit Venice. Einstein goes on a trip to Lago Maggiore. Einstein returns to Zurich, where he works on a doctoral dissertation during the winter semester. Einstein registers at Dolderstraße 17 in Zurich, Henriette Hägi's new address. Einstein submits his first scientific paper, on capillarity, to the Annalen der Physik. Einstein spends the holiday season with his parents, returning to Zurich by 3 January. Einstein obtains Swiss citizenship. Einstein applies unsuccessfully for a position as Assistent to several physicists. Einstein's first scientific paper is published in the Annalen der Physik (Einstein 1901).
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