I N D E X 6 8 3
Selmayr, Karl (1884-1974), 298n
Semon, Richard, on heritability of acquired char-
acteristics, 506
Serini, Rocco (1886–1964), 393, 403
Shakespeare, AE on, 84
Shapley, Harlow, on stellar distributions in
Mess. 15 cluster, 278
Short wavelength electric waves, production of,
research funded by KWIP, 560c, 562c
Siegbahn, Manne (1886–1977), 217, 218n
Siemens, Wilhelm von (1855–1919): xlvii, 107,
108n, 119n, 134n, 279n, 552c, 553c, 561c,
563c, 564c, 565c, 566c, 569c, 570c, 583c; fu-
neral notice, 579c; Schmidt-Ott as his succes-
sor at KWIP, 600c
Silberstein, Ludwik (1872–1948): xxxvi, 472,
474; debates on eclipse expedition results,
474n; on ether, 472–473; skeptical of general
relativity, 244
Simon, Hugo (1880–1950), 71, 343n
Simon, Leon, 327n
Simultaneity, absolute, 432n
Sitter, Willem de (1872–1934): xxxiii, 145, 150,
166, 258n, 261, 502; congratulates AE, 262n;
in Arosa sanatorium, 167n, 238, 238n, 262,
264, 295; informed English physicists of rel-
ativity, 264; on English edition of AE’s pop-
ular book on relativity, 261; on geodetic
precession, 422n; on news of eclipse results,
Sivkovich, Hans (1881–1968), 261n, 281n
Smekal, Jan (1895–1959), AE on, 368
Smithsonian Institution, 605c
Smoluchowski, Marian von (1872–1917), 176,
Smuts, Jan Ch. (1870–1950), 110
Snellius, Willebrord, 502
Socialist Student Association. See Sozialisti-
scher Studentenverein
Society “A Guaranteed Subsistence for All” (Vi-
enna), 609c
Society for the Founding and Preservation of an
Academy for the Science of Judaism. See
Verein zur Gründung und Erhaltung einer
Akademie für die Wissenschaft des Juden-
Sohnke–Schoenfliess theory of crystal structure,
Solovine, Maurice (1875–1958): 450n, 537n; on
writing popular book on relativity, 499–500,
529; prospective French translator of AE’s
popular book on relativity, 536, 616c
Solvay Congress of 1911, 7n, 172n
Solvay Congress of 1913, 245n
Solvay, Ernest (1838–1922), 54, 114, 115n, 121,
Sommerfeld, Arnold (1868–1951): xxxix, xlix,
6, 8n, 15n, 26n, 50n, 84, 218n, 266, 278n,
309, 354n, 388, 390n, 397n, 408, 434, 435n,
464n, 503, 535, 590c, 596c; as advisor for
Mathematische Annalen, 317; bremsstrah-
lung theory of, 22; corresponding member of
PAW, elected, 605c, nominated, 409; dis-
missed from scientific committee of Institut
international de physique, 115n; intervenes
on behalf of Epstein, 153n; on discovery of
“eka-iodine,” 217; on Weyl’s theory, 113n;
possible anti-Semitism, 390n; asks AE to lec-
ture in Munich, 404; asks AE to present own
paper to DPG, 20, 64; supports Lenz’s appli-
cation for KWIP funds, 18, 20, 555c
Sommerfeld, Arnold Lorenz (1904–1919), death
of, 218n
Sommerfeld, Johanna (1874–1955), 218n
Sorel, Georges (1847–1922): Réflexion sur la
violence, 95; on belief in myths, 96n
Sozialistischer Studentenverein, 29, 558c
Spacecraft, energy supply for, 516
Spartacus League, 5n
Spartacus uprising, 4n
Special courses for foreign students, AE and
Landau’s petition, 433–434, 466
Special relativity. See Relativity, special theory
Specific heat of solids at low temperature, re-
search funded by KWIP, 560c, 567c
Spectral lines: influence of electric field on, re-
search funded by KWIP, 560c, 568c; influ-
ence of magnetic field on, research funded by
KWIP, 560c, 568c. See also Stark effect
Spectral oven for redshift measurements, 118,
157, 177, 335, 447
Spectroscopic instruments, funded by KWIP,
Spectroscopic measurements of redshift, funded
by KWIP, 560c, 561c
Speiser, Andreas (1885–1970), 383n
Spengler, Oswald (1880–1936), 387, 521
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