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March 9 1-page TLS from Max Planck, announces that Friedrich
Schmidt-Ott took over the presidency of the board of
trustees of KWIP. Provenance: GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr.
6, Mappe KWG. [78 108].
1-page ALS to C. H. Becker. In answering the query of
Ministry of Education addressed to the PAW as to whether
he received the Gold Medal of the Royal Society, as the
press claims (see entry of 13 February), makes the following
note: “Die Nachricht ist nicht zutreffend. Ich habe von der
Royal Society keine Medaille erhalten.” Provenance: Note
on a 1-page TLS of 2 March 1920 from Ministry of Educa-
tion to the PAW, GyBAW, II-III, Bd. 138, Bl. 41. [79 288],
[79 289].
March 10 1-page TLS from Vieweg publishing house. Send a check of
2,250 M for the 7th edition of Einstein 1917a (Vol. 6,
Doc. 42) and 171.10 M for the sixty free copies not
requested. Robert W. Lawson’s publisher (Methuen) dis-
cusses an American edition with an American publisher.
Provenance: [42 030].
Attends first session of the board of trustees of the
Physikalisch-Technische Reichsanstalt. During the meeting,
Krüß announces that an exchange of literature is envisaged
between American (National Academy of Sciences and the
Smithsonian Institution) and German (Verein deutscher
Ingenieure and the Amerika Institut) institutions. Prove-
nance: GyBPTB, Nr. 240.1, Bd. 2, Bl. 160–163. [81 870].
Einstein became a member of the board 30 December 1916
(see Vol. 8, entry for this date in Calendar).
March 11 At the plenary session of the PAW, Arnold Sommerfeld and
Peter Debye are elected corresponding members in physics.
Provenance: GyBAW, II–III, Bd. 138, Bl. 57. [83 954].
1-page TLC from Schmitt, Foreign Affairs. In response to
an enclosed memorandum from 10 December 1919 on Ger-
man book export and import (written by Julius Burghold,
see Doc. 381, note 3), informs Einstein that the board of
directors of Börsen-Verein der deutschen Buchhändler
issued a sales regulation for export delivery. The Reich
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