C A L E N D A R 1 9 2 0 6 0 3
translate Einstein 1917a (Vol. 6, Doc. 42) into French. Borel
even promised to write a foreword. Asks whether Einstein
intends to modify the text. Provenance: IsJHU. [44 820].
February 24 1-page TLS from Vieweg publishing house. A strong
demand for Einstein 1917a (Vol. 6, Doc. 42) renders a 7th
edition necessary. Following Einstein’s wish, they will send
the galleys of the 6th edition for entering corrections. No
information from Robert W. Lawson or Methuen publishing
house on the English edition of Einstein 1917a. Provenance:
IsJHU. [42 027].
3-page ALS from Erna and Karl Reis from Mannheim, with
sympathies on Pauline Einstein’s death. Provenance: IsJHU.
[29 370].
February 26 At the plenary session of the PAW, Einstein is nominated
member of a commission to propose a successor to Emil
Fischer. Provenance: Kirsten and Treder 1979b, p. 237,
Nr. 187.
February 28 Note of Department of Science of the Ministry of Education
on Erwin Freundlich’s query as to whether the 150,000 M
proposed to the constituent assembly for Einstein’s research
is available and whether Einstein is free to decide how to
spend it. Einstein intends building a solar spectrometer on
the premises of the Astrophysical Observatory, Potsdam.
The telescope would be available for free use after some ten
years, but the observatory would immediately cover its
annual maintenance cost of 5–6,000 M. Provenance:
GyBSa, I. HA, Rep. 76 Vc, Sekt. 1, Tit. 11, Teil 5c, Nr. 55,
Bl. 18. [83 292].
1-page Dft from Friedrich Schmidt-Ott. The KWIP board of
trustees agrees to Einstein’s request of 28 January for
5,000 M to support the Physikalische Berichte. Provenance:
GyBP, I. Abt., 1A, Nr. 1657. [77 310].
February 29 1-page ALS from Ernest B. Ludlam. Happy to read that
Einstein still hopes to come to England (Doc. 298). Offers
his assistance with the visit. Provenance: IsJHU. [44 360].
March 1 ½-page (fragment) TL from Verlag Naturwissenschaften.
Requests an appointment to discuss a work that is to be pub-
lished by them. Provenance: IsJHU. [43 225].
March 3 1-page TLC to Vieweg publishing house. Acknowledges the
receipt of 2,421.10 M for the 6th edition of Einstein 1917a
(Vol. 6, Doc. 42). Provenance: [42 028].
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