C A L E N D A R 1 9 1 9 5 7 3
sented to the physical-mathematical class of the PAW by
Hermann Struve on behalf of Einstein.
July 29 1-page TLS from Max Planck. Asks for belated silent
approval of the remission of 600 M to Freundlich (see entry
of 18 July), indicated in an attached copy of a request to
Mendelssohn & Co., a draft of which is available. Prove-
nance: GyBP, I. Abt., Rep. 34, Nr. 2, Mappe Freundlich.
[78 026], [77 291.1].
around July 30 Pauline Einstein is cared for by Dr. Josephine Tobler at the
Clinic Rosenau. Provenance: IsJHU. [43 916].
July 31 The plenary session of the PAW asks to review Gustav
Müller’s paper “Beharrungsvermögen und Gravitation in
Weltbetrieb.” Provenance: GyBAW, II-VI, Bd. 121, Bl. 206–
207. [83 995], [83 996], [83 997], [83 998].
Weimar Constitution adopted.
August 1 1-page TL from Dean of Philosophical Faculty II of the
University of Zurich to the Department of Education,
Canton of Zurich. Upon the 8 July request of the department
for further grounds for the proposal of repeating Einstein’s
lecture course in coming semesters, the dean intends to give
Edgar Meyer the opportunity to comment on the proposal,
and then to discuss the invitation at the first session of the
faculty at the beginning of the winter semester. Provenance:
SzZU, ABF, Einstein, Lehraufträge 1918–19. [82 912].
August 2 1-page TLS from Ilse Einstein to Joseph Petzoldt. Einstein
is in Switzerland. She will present him Petzoldt’s letter after
Einstein’s return in mid-August. Provenance: GyBTU,
Pe 40–2. [19 071].
August 5 2-page AKS from Pauline Einstein to Elsa Einstein. A meet-
ing of Koch family members is taking place in Zurich. Ein-
stein probably participates. Earlier he visited his mother
three times a day. Provenance: [29 359]. He had stayed in
his first wife Mileva’s apartment in Zurich while she was
away with the younger son Eduard: “Mein guter Albert hat
in der Wohnung der ersten Frau gewohnt, wie gefällt Ihnen
dies? Sie reiste mit dem Kleinen ab, dann zog er dort ein.”
Provenance: Elsa Einstein to Hedi Born, 10 September
1919, GyB, Nachl. Born, Nr. 1226, Bl. 7–9. [8 279.4].
August 6 1-page AKSX to Conrad Habicht Sr. in Schaffhausen. On
the way back to Berlin, upon the invitation of Conrad
Habicht Jr., will spend 8 August afternoon and evening with
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