5 5 4 C A L E N D A R 1 9 1 9
Judentums” for the revitalization of the “Science of Juda-
ism.” Provenance: Korrespondenzblatt 1919, pp. 2–4.
February 26 1-page TLS from Barth publishing house. Asks Einstein not
to approve republication of Einstein 1916f by Teubner pub-
lishing house in the series “Fortschritte der mathematischen
Wissenschaft.” It had been published by Barth in 1,500 cop-
ies as a reprint and they have 550 copies in stock. Suggests
that a second, revised edition be published. Provenance:
IsJHU. [41 991].
March 1 1-page DftS of a cover letter from KWIP board of trustees
with enclosures, probably requesting Einstein’s subsequent
consent to Max Planck’s approval of Erwin Freundlich’s
request of 20 January (see entry of 2 February). Provenance:
GyBP, I. Abt., 1A, 1656. [77 271].
March 3 1-page DS to KWIP board of trustees. Agrees that Freund-
lich receive payment of 500 M, already approved by the
KWIP board of directors (Planck). Provenance: GyBP,
I. Abt., Rep. 1A, 1656. [77 272].
March 4 The Department of Education, Canton of Zurich, grants
Einstein a 24-hour course on theoretical physics in summer
semester 1919 with an honorarium of 1,200 francs. Prove-
nance: Protokoll des Erziehungsrates des Kantons Zürich,
SzZU, ABF, Einstein, Lehraufträge 1918–19. [70 478].
March 6 Co-signs motion for electing Martin Knudsen as corre-
sponding member in the session of physical-mathematical
class of the PAW (Provenance: GyBAW, II-III, Bd. 137, Bl.
152. [83 969]), as well as Report on the Papers of Knudsen.
Provenance: GyBAW. [83 970]. Minutes to this effect in
GyBAW, II-V, Bd. 134, Bl. 73–74. [83 765], [83 974].
March 7 2-page ALS from Constantin von Mereschkowsky in
Geneva. A former professor of botany at a Russian univer-
sity asks for assistance in publishing his outline of a new
philosophy of the universe according to which the psycho-
logical world is the fourth dimension and time does not
exist. Provenance: IsJHU. [44 443].
March 9 1-page ALS from Hans Karr, with 2-page ALS (addressed
also to Elsa Einstein) appended by father, Albert Karr. Son
and father thank Einstein for Fürst and Moszkowski 1916, a
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