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to Clausius’s
Entropy actually increases for the entire system if one
adds emitted radiation to it. The only hope of a resolution to this difficulty would
be through a fundamental change in the system of natural laws. I mention, for inst.,
the hypothesis, taken completely out of the blue, that radiation vanished in empty
space and atoms formed anew out of space. The laws based on experience have the
death of heat as an inevitable consequence.
In utm[ost] resp.
166. From Felix Frankfurter
Cambridge, Mass., 1 July 1921
My dear Colleague,
I am deeply grateful to you for your very generous
They only made me
the more sad that the circumstances were so cruel against us, in preventing us from
having a real talk aus dem Herzen [from the heart], during your visit. What is past
is past. But I am abidingly grateful for the complete candor and heartiness of your
letters. It would have been too cruel were it left otherwise between us—it would
have been too much of a tragedy of complete misinformation. I am naturally happy
that it is otherwise. I hope this is really only the beginning of a friendship which
began with instantaneous respect and eagerness on my side.
This is not the time to speak of American Zionist leaders & their relation with
It’s a sad topic for me, for no one values Dr. Weizmann’s past ser-
vices more than I do, no one—I think I can say so—did more to make Dr. Weiz-
mann’s work known in America. I must add, however, that you do not know the
facts upon which alone a judgment can be based. I wish the facts did not exist. But
they do. And perhaps there will be occasion, one of these days, for you to know
them. Disillusionment is hard, I know. I have experience. But more important than
any personality is the need for a rebuilt Palestine. For that aim we all unite & I hope
all our endeavors will be directed toward that aim. It will be a glory, one of these
years, to see the university shining from Jerusalem. The glory of that light will dim
the flickers of the unpleasant past.
You will again come to the United States, or we to Germany & then we shall talk.
Please give my respects to Frau Einstein.
With high regards, my [. . .],
Felix Frankfurter.
Translator’s note: Original written in English.
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