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137. From Julian W. Mack
New York, 55 Fifth Avenue, 24 May 1921
Dear Professor Einstein,
I beg to enclose you herewith copies of cable correspondence between Dr. Weiz-
mann and us in relation to
Where the cables appear to be incomplete, the
other parts of the cables had no reference to your matters. Nevertheless, if you
desire the full and complete cable in each instance, I shall be glad to send it to you.
I deeply regret that Mr. Bernard Flexner’s and my efforts, to explain our thought
and purpose in this whole matter, namely, to protect you against unjust attacks and
to protect the organization against the results of such unjust attacks, have not
appeared to you to be
Sincerely yours,
Julian Mack.
Translator’s note: Original written in English.
138. From Michael I. Pupin[1]
New York, 27 May 1921
Dear Professor,
Unfortunately I have to leave tomorrow and am not going to be able to have the
great pleasure of personally seeing you off next
I take the liberty of using this opportunity to reiterate once again that President
and I would wish to see you again soon if circumstances permit you to
decide to offer a series of six two-hour lectures at Columbia University during the
coming spring semester. They could extend through a period of three weeks and
could treat the area of relativity and quantum theory. The honorarium for these lec-
tures ought not to be higher than 2,200 dollars. Have the kindness of informing me
of your decision in the near future and I shall then take the further steps required.
I can assure you that your visit here was in every respect a shining success. I
must emphasize especially that your involvement in the social and political
advancement of your ingenious and long-suffering people will serve as a model
example for other men of science. Admiration of pure reason should not prevent us
from occasionally also thinking of our
I send you a few American cigars so that you have something good to smoke
during your passage over the Atlantic Ocean.
Cordial regards to you and your good wife from yours truly,
M. I. Pupin.
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