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similar things on similar
If it involved an event of any objective
importance, I certainly would stick it through and perform my duty. But there can
be no question of that; for I have nothing new and finished to present, just things
that any initiated person already knows. One does this when one can do it in a free
and happy frame of mind, which does not apply to the present case, however. Thus
I would issue this refusal with an unalloyed sense of satisfaction if it did not have
to be directed at you personally; but even so I have no alternative.–
I am very curious about the outcome of our canal-ray
My expec-
tations are totally uncertain. I am convinced that besides the directed energetic pro-
cess a kind of spherical wave is emitted, because of the possibility of interference
for large-aperture angles. But since the emission time is small against the coher-
ence time for interference with path
I am not convinced that what is
being emitted immediately has an oscillatory character. The mechanism could be
more indirect and a totally different one to what we are accustomed to assuming,
particularly as the vehement controversy over quantum versus undulatory theory
continues unabated. In any event, the outcome of the experiment cannot be pre-
dicted on the basis of what is presently known. Even the existence of the Doppler
effect, as has been demonstrated by Stark, offers no prospects, which, however, I
cannot establish in this short
Cordial regards, yours,
A. Einstein.
262. From Keiichi Aichi[1]
Sendai, 10 October 1921
[Not selected for translation.]
263. To Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe
[Berlin,] 11 October 1921
Dear Mr. Anschütz,
Nothing will come of my Munich visit again. This is based on certain student
associations in Munich having assumed an attitude that with great probability per-
mits one to conclude that an eventual visit of mine to Munich would not go
smoothly.[1] Sommerfeld[2]
behaved, by the way, very amicably on this occasion.
It will be much better and more enjoyable for me to visit you again in Kiel, then,
to refresh my warm
I think you are entirely right to have stayed with
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