D O C U M E N T S 2 4 6 , 2 4 7 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 2 1 1 6 1
245. From Kôshin Murobuse
Berlin W 62, b/Döllen, 12 Luther St., [before 27 September
[See the documentary edition for the original English.]
246. To Kôshin Murobuse
Berlin, 27 September 1921
Highly esteemed Sir,
With reference to your kind letter I inform
that I shall be happy to write
an article for your newspaper as soon as my time permits.
The invitation to Tokyo pleased me very much, especially considering my long-
standing interest in the people and cultures of East
If no unforeseeable dif-
ficulties arise, I will plan to embark on the trip in fall 1922 (end of August or begin-
ning of September). I beg you, though, please to see that this affair not leak into the
open, because I would otherwise be engulfed in a wave of reporters and invitations
from the most disparate quarters.
Our meeting yesterday was a fine and unforgettable experience for me.
In utmost respect.
247. To Arnold Sommerfeld
27 September 1921
Dear Sommerfeld,
This time I write you with a heavy heart. Saying no is not my strength at any
time, but least of all when it means negating on a promise made. In short: I am not
going to hold the announced lecture in
I’ve long had bad premonitions
about it, because I have heard much about the Munich student milieu that could not
please me. I had long been warned by my friends to keep far away from this anti-
Semitic reactionary wasp’s
But I had promised and considered my hands
tied. But now I read about discussions that the head of the university held with rep-
resentatives of the student association in anticipation of possible
mere circumstance that such advance meetings were deemed necessary proves to
me that an official visit to Munich is out of place. The way in which those repre-
sentatives acted toward this case releases me morally of any
I was very pleased about the fine way in which you stood up for me on this
and I am doubly dismayed that now nothing will come of this meeting
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