D O C U M E N T S 2 1 1 , 2 1 2 A U G U S T 1 9 2 1 1 4 3
quickly as possible and bring it to completion before my
I would also
like to ask you kindly again to send me the address of Mrs.
so that I
can write her and suggest to her what you had advised me to
How are you, otherwise? Are you well? Don’t you want to publish the lecture
you held a few months ago at King’s College in London? I would so much like to
translate it into
I was exceedingly pleased to learn from the papers that your esteemed wife is
waging a heated battle against
I always felt the deepest aversion to such
mass murder. That is why I have the highest admiration and respect for all those
who take a courageous stand against it.
Your book about the special and general theory of relativity is now being
reprinted at
In most cordial friendship, yours,
M. Solovine
My most friendly regards to your admirable wife and to Miss Ilse Einstein.
211. To Max Born
[Berlin,] 22 August 1921
Dear Born,
Many thanks for the detailed report and the
The K.W.I. is quite sluggish
because I always have to round up all my dear ones. . . . for a grant. The one you
want would gobble up the most part of our entire riches but would be thoroughly
appropriate, and I hope I can carry it
Just a little patience. I thought up
a very interesting and quite simple experiment on the nature of light emission. I
hope I can conduct it
For the time being I’m a slave to the dam[ned] post-
man again, who is inundating me mercilessly. I spent a happy month with my boys
by the
Hearty congratulations to you and your
and best regards from
A. Einstein.
212. From James Franck
Göttingen, 9 Bunsen St., 24 August 1921
Dear Professor Einstein,
Today I would like to go against one of my principles, which is to spare you as
much as possible from silly questions. I hope you are not all that cross with me for
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