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save something up for times of need, while now everything gets used up, they live
in almost deprived conditions, and I have such a difficult time seeing them. But they
are resisting it very much and there is no one in Zurich to explain the matter to them
properly. Maybe you think objectively enough to find the plan reasonable. For me
it would be a fine thing if they wanted to do so of their own accord; I’m not going
to try to force them into it, because only what one does willingly works out well.
It is fine of you to be doing so much for
He definitely is a person of
exceptional creative force and a talented genius. I am very curious about his new
book insofar as its direction (limits of the physics of fields) lies very close to
But I never could find a useful approach for a new means of expression that
held any kind of promise. Weyl’s extension of the general theory of relativity, as it
has stood for a few years now, I consider on a blatantly wrong track (in terms of
physics). Redshift is sure to be demonstrated in a few years so it cannot be inter-
preted as an advantage of Weyl’s theory that it does not deliver it. It is altogether
questionable to see anything formally founded quasi a priori in relativity theory. It
is a matter of consequences conformance of the theory to very definite facts (con-
stancy of sp[eed of] l[ight]; equivalence of inertial and ponderable mass), not any-
thing logically determined and preformed in the human mind; quite different from
Weyl’s attempt; I’d almost like to call it Hegelian.
Born’s book is really
Born is not just discerning but also downright
gifted as a writer, and he has the requisite sense for reality.
Cordial regards to you and your family, yours,
Special greetings to Gina, whose amicable regards I
Have found a
few pretty little things but not made any more progress on the large scale.
6. To Arnold Sommerfeld[1]
[Berlin,] 4 January 1921
Dear Sommerfeld,
Your recent letter embarrasses me very
I absolutely cannot understand
why so much value is attached to my lecturing about relativity in
But now
I face the fact and must make arrangements accordingly. I am ready to come to
Munich in June and will leave it to you to determine the exact day. Most likely it
won’t work in the fall because I probably have to travel to
It doesn’t
matter if I have to live in a hotel then, in June, since I have become quite a resilient
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