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132. From Benjamin N. Cardozo[1]
New York, 13 May 1921
Dear Professor Einstein,
I have been in Albany all week attending the sessions of my court; and on my
return this evening, I find your letter awaiting me—
I am honored by your invitation; but to my very great regret I am unable to accept
it. Circumstances which I cannot control make it impossible for me to be with you
on the evening of the
With assurances of my interest and with thanks for your courtesy, I am very truly
Benjamin N. Cardozo.
Translator’s note: Original written in English.
133. From Paul M. Warburg
[New York,] 13 May 1921
Dear Prof. Einstein,
I hope you have safely returned and are fully satisfied with your stay in
—I got a letter from Prof. Hibben, who wrote me how happy and sat-
isfied he himself was with the course of your stay at his
As concerns your invitation on the 19th inst. at Hotel Commodore to attend the
meeting with the purpose of discussing the Jewish University, I exceedingly regret
that it will not be possible for me to be present on that evening, as I already have
two other
But entirely disregarding this, my presence would be of
no use; on the contrary, I fear that, if at all, its effect would rather be to cool things
down. As I already told you on another occasion, I personally have the greatest
doubts relating to the Zionist plans and anticipate their consequences with genuine
The latest events here as well as in Palestine have strengthened my
conviction even
I hope to see you again soon and, with best wishes also to your spouse, I remain
ever faithfully yours,
Paul M. Warburg.
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