1 1 0 D O C U M E N T 1 5 2 J U N E 1 9 2 1
Professor Albert Einstein revealed to us after returning from America and
England that he negotiated
members of the Executive Committee of the
Carnegie Foundation, N. M.
about the necessity to support German pac-
ifists, with special reference to the New Fatherland League, and gave him the rele-
vant documentation for
However, as long as the peace situation between
Germany and America has not been expressly reestablished, materialization of
such plans by the Carnegie Foundation is out of the question for
ever, for this report of the league’s situation Professor Einstein agreed that we
inform you of his keen support for the measure taken by this letter toward at least
securing the second half of the current year for the league. He adds explicitly that
upon personal inquiry he would be happy to confirm his advocacy of this measure
by the league’s board.
sig. von Gerlach, Alfons Horten, Heinrich
152. To Paul Ehrenfest
[Berlin,] 18 June 1921
Dear Ehrenfest,
With delight I heard the details yesterday evening, upon my arrival from
England, from our entire
about your and van Aardenne’s visit
You represented the male sex at our place so nicely, in fact, that I’m having some
trouble holding my own against it. It must have been very nice while you were here.
Don’t be cross that we sneaked by like
The trip to America and England was
so taxing that now I’m just good for vegetating. The work for the Jerusalem univer-
sity was very
Zionism really offers a new Jewish ideal that can give
the Jewish people joy in its own existence again. The university seems to be finan-
cially secured to the extent that construction of the especially important medical
school can soon begin. This had been made feasible not by the rich but by the mid-
dle class, in particular America’s 6,000 Jewish medical
I am very glad
that I accepted Weizmann’s
There are, however, at places signs of
high-strung Jewish nationalism that threatens to degenerate into intolerance and
small-mindedness; but this is hopefully just a childhood disease. My tour was also
good for the restoration of international relations among scientists. Everywhere I
found goodwill, a hearty welcome, and a peaceful mentality. England made a par-
ticularly excellent impression on me in every respect; as long as that country retains
the leadership, everything will go relatively well.
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