1 0 6 D O C U M E N T S 1 4 5 , 1 4 6 J U N E 1 9 2 1
145. From Richard B. Haldane
Westminster, 6 June 1921
Dear Professor Einstein,
I send this to greet you on your arrival in our
You will find yourself
as admired a figure here as in America; at least as much so.
I am looking forward to yourself and Mrs Einstein dining here on Friday
The Prime
and the Archbishop of
will I hope
be [here] to meet you, as well as representatives of the learned world. Would you
and Mrs Einstein be so kind as to arrive here, if convenient at 7:55. The other guests
will come a few minutes later, & my
& I would like much to see you both
I enclose letters which have come for you.
I also venture to send you a book I have just published, on the philosophical im-
portance of the doctrine for which you have done so
With deep respect Yours truly
Queen Anne’s Gate in Westminster, near the House of Parliament.
What will your address be in London?
Translator’s note: Original written in English.
146. From Michele Besso
Bern, 42 Ziegler Street, 10 June
Dear Albert,
Just a note to thank you for your friendly letter from New York, for which the
much harried sender warrants specially high
When it’s conve-
nient, e.g., with a publication, I would like to know what was being sought there
and what has been accomplished. A Jerusalem
What state authority
is it being subordinated to, or from what quarter is its protection being guaranteed?
What type will it be? (English college system or German-Italian type? Are new
structures being tried out, or is a division into faculties being implemented?) What
faculties besides medicine are envisioned? What will be the language of instruc-
tion? Are you planning to be personally involved there,
Sometime you’ll also tell me about your experiences regarding the intelligence
and lack of courage of our fellow
Courageous ones do also exist! I
know of two in a single family as one example, a certain Emilio and a certain Silvio
Michelstädter from
who would fit well in a new and novel type of edu-
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