D O C U M E N T 1 5 3 J U N E 1 9 2 1 1 1 1
But now I haven’t been able to carry out my promised visit to Leyden. Should I
come in late autumn? When does your semester
In the fall I also have to
go to Bologna for a couple of weeks, at least that’s what I promised
Were you pleased with your trip to Germany and to
Write me a little
about it.
I’ll be spending the end of July and beginning of August with my boys in the
countryside, probably by a lake in northern
We mainly want to go
Cordial regards to all of you, also to the kids
Freundlich must have visited you. All of you probably ruffled him a bit; it can only
do him
I hope he also speaks with
I recommended Julius’s re-
search very highly to Frost, Yerkes Observatory near
He had fallen
into disrepute everywhere through earlier
153. To Hans Albert Einstein
[Berlin,] 18 June
Dear Albert,
Yesterday your welcome letter saying yes
So mine from yesterday
was superfluous. I’ll look for an apartment and a sailboat right away. Nobody’s
coming along besides the maid, and I promise all of you that I’ll do my utmost to
prevent any
I didn’t say that we’d be going precisely to
we’ll have to go wherever we can get a sailboat that suits our needs. When I find
something I’ll write all of you immediately. I enclose the reference for the
Warm regards from your
Take the enclosed application directly to the consulate so that we know exactly
what we’re in for. I’ll pay for all of your and
travel expenses on German
soil. All four of us will be traveling third class so that it doesn’t get too expensive.
It’ll be especially nice this year. You shouldn’t have bought that to me by
because, first, I could have procured it for you and, second, it’s not
worth reading. Exchange it if you can. Ask me next time before you buy such a
thing. It was not possible to stop it from being printed; it caused me a lot of
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