D O C U M E N T S 1 5 5 , 1 5 6 J U N E 1 9 2 1 1 1 3
would be paid to me for it would help in my endeavor. I thank you in advance from
the bottom of my heart.
In anticipation of soon receiving your kind reply, I send my cordial regards in
friendship, yours,
M. Solovine.
My very kind regards to Miss Ilse Einstein.
The address of Prof. Ehrenfest in Leyden is
Would you be so kind as
to repeat the same to me exactly?
155. To Richard B. Haldane
Berlin, 21 June 1921
Esteemed Lord Haldane,
The wonderful experiences in England are still fresh in my mind and yet like a
The impression this land with its wonderful intellectual and political tra-
dition left on me was a profound and lasting one, even larger than I had expected.
I am filled with gratitude for the extraordinary reception given us, and particularly
for the fine expressions of a desire for international understanding voiced by the
most influential individuals. I would like to thank you personally from the bottom
of my heart for granting me your hospitality and, together with your sister, for
showering us with so much kindness and
Thus you not only eased
the fulfillment of my mission extraordinarily well, but also gave me the pleasure of
knowing you better through personal interaction. As soon as I have accomplished
the most pressing of duties that had been waiting for me here, I will immerse
myself in your
With warmest admiration and respect, I am yours,
Albert Einstein.
156. From Joachim von Winterfeldt-Menkin[1]
Berlin, 20 Matthäikirch St., 22 June 1921
Esteemed Professor,
It was with special pleasure that I heard that you also feel it desirable to make
accessible to a larger audience the impressions of your successful
that you also welcome my intention to invite the Reich cabinet and other leading
personalities as soon as possible to a meeting and discussion with you.
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