D O C U M E N T 7 4 M A R C H 1 9 2 1 6 1
project in the desired
On the other hand, the wish is extremely strong in
America that the conclusion to these negotiations, in particular, take place there, as
it is regarded as a matter of honor for America to be specially involved in this
You know that notably Messrs. Warburg in New York are particularly
interested in the issue regarding the Jerusalem University, and the desire for your
presence was voiced particularly loudly by these
Under these circumstances we most respectfully ask you, in the name of our
world organization, whether you would be willing to depart with your
on a
journey at the end of this month. We have already booked cabins for both of you on
the steamer Rotterdam of the Holland-America line, which will depart from Rot-
terdam on the 23rd of March. In Plymouth, where the steamer will be docking for
two hours, the president of the Zionist world organization, Dr. Weizmann, will
board the Rotterdam with a group of members of our central office, to embark with
you on the trip to America in order to bring to a close the university
Your presence is, as we should like to emphasize again, urgently required and
bears no further delay. The invitations by telegram from our headquarters in Lon-
don have, surely, meanwhile likewise already reached
We request kind notice, preferably by return post, so that we can immediately
cable New York and London that you have accepted the invitation and wish to use
the two steamer seats reserved for you.
In utmost respect, most sincerely,
Dr. Erich Marx.
74. From Malwin Warschauer[1]
Berlin N. 24, 66 Oranienburger Street, 2 March 1921
Dear Professor,
I have been commissioned by the Jewish Community to contact you about your
entry into it. After the categorical refusal you issued to the community, I would
have avoided this
if I were not, like you, a nationalist Jew, indeed, an
officially affiliated
As such I understand and acknowledge your hesita-
tion to join the community and thereby pretend to profess a faith to which you
attach no live significance. Nevertheless, may I ask you to assess the following: We
Jews unquestionably need, for our survival, organization in comprehensive as well
as in smaller associations. The latter are only available today as the existing com-
munities. We Zionists strive for a transformation of these communities from reli-
gious to national ones, so-c[alled] national
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