6 2 D O C U M E N T S 7 5 , 7 6 M A R C H 1 9 2 1
This goal can only be achieved if we belong to the communities and seek to exert
an influence on the shape they take in the national sense. From this point of view,
many nationalist Jews are members of the current communities and work within
them. I cordially ask you please to reexamine your standpoint once again from this
angle. Furthermore, please do not regard these lines as an imposition either on my
part or on that of the community administration; it is merely guided by the feeling
that it is a support for Jewry and an honor for the community to be able to count a
man of your intellectual importance among their own.
In hope of a note in acquiescence, I sign in utmost respect, yours very truly,
Rabbi Dr. Warschauer.
75. To Erich Marx
[Berlin,] 3 March 1921
With reference to our earlier oral discussions and your letter of the 2nd
state to you herewith that I accept your invitation to America to participate in the
negotiations, along the lines of the details set forth in your letter, for the establish-
ment of a university in Jerusalem.
76. To Otto Neurath
[Berlin,] 3 March 1921
E[steemed] Dr. N[eurath],
Your envisioned plan appears to me very worthwhile and I am willing to support
it to the best of my abilities as a collaborator, that is, roughly in the sense you pro-
posed in your letter of 12 Jan.
Diverse scientif. and other work prevents
me, however, from devoting so much time and effort as would be objectively justi-
fiable to call me an editor. This would be a reflection of false facts and must be pre-
vented. Furthermore, I cannot accept the obligation of making everything that I
speak about available to the enterprise. This must be left to my assessment. I
enclose for you for advertising purposes another
As possible collaborators
I mention: Dr. M.
Dr. W.
(physics, technology, and
epistemology) Stuttgart (Phys. Inst. of the Techn. College);
physiology); Dr.
(physics, mathematics) Berlin W.30, 49 Motz St.
If I think of other suitable persons as collaborators, I will inform you of their
In gr[eat] respect.
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