References are collected under the appropriate English heading. Certain institu-
tions, organizations, and concepts that have no standard English translation are list-
ed under their German designation (with cross-references from an English
translation). “Albert Einstein” is abbreviated to “AE” in subentries. Other abbrevi-
ations used in the index are: “BNV” for “Bund Neues Vaterland,” “DPG” for
“Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft,” “GDNÄ” for “Gesellschaft deutscher
Naturforscher und Ärzte,” “KWIP” for “Kaiser-Wilhelm-Institut für Physik,”
“ZOA” for “Zionist Organization of America,” and “US” for the “United States of
Aardenne, Gijsbert van (1888–1983), 27, 36, 49,
109, 110
against AE’s US tour, 25
meets Joffe and Rozhdestvensky in Berlin, 109
vacations in Copenhagen, 209
visits Berlin, 110
wishes to visit US, 26
Abraham, Max (1875–1922), 64
Adler, Friedrich (1879–1960), 31
Albert Einstein Donation Fund. See Albert-Ein-
Albert-Einstein-Spende, Gustav Müller on board
of, 203
American Jewish Physicians Committee, invites
AE to US, 56
Ampère’s molecular currents, Classen on, 46, 51
Anna (domestic helper), 111, 147, 149; dismissal
of, 150
Anschütz-Kaempfe, Hermann (1872–1931), 76,
79, 131, 134, 158, 159, 162, 168, 180
AE inquires whether he can visit with his sons,
charitable foundation of, 121
on handing over his factory to Hans Albert Ein-
stein, 148
Anschütz-Kaempfe-Stöve, Reta (1897–1961),
Anti-relativists, Berliner on, 23–24
Anti-Semitism, 70; at University of Munich, 161
Anuschat, Mrs., taken in by Elsa Einstein, 178
Appeal against confiscation of Aachen high
school by Belgian military authorities
AE asks Hauptmann to sign, 208–209
AE signs, 209
Von Kármán on, 199, 208
Apriorism, of Kant, 121
Arco, Georg Count von (1869–1940), 169
Arrhenius, Svante (1859–1927), visits Berlin
physicists, 130
Astrophysical Observatory, Potsdam,
candidates for new positions in, AE on, 157,
proposal for directorship of, 83–84
Auerbach, Felix (1856–1933), 140
Austrian Academy of Sciences, 65
Bach, Rudolf. See Förster, Rudolf
Bachem, Albert (1888–1957), 103, 176
Back, Ernst, 80
Bäckerei Niemann, 131
Bad Nauheim, meeting of GDNÄ in. See Gesell-
schaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte:
meeting in Bad Nauheim
Bailby, Leon (1867–1954), 82
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