D O C U M E N T S 1 8 9 , 1 9 0 J U L Y 1 9 2 1 1 3 1
With most cordial regards from my
and me to you and your esteemed
wife, yours very truly,
Jacques Loeb.
189. To Hermann Anschütz-Kaempfe
Wustrow, 22 July 1921
Dear Mr. Anschütz,
I am settled out here with my two boys in our summer
I, together with my boys, stop by and see you around the 12th of August? I would
like to study the state of our problem then and there. You might want to write me a
little about it beforehand, because here I have plenty of time to think. If you don’t
have lodging for the boys, I can put them up someplace else.
With best regards to you and your
A. Einstein.
190. From Morris R. Cohen
New York, 22 July 1921
Dear Prof. Einstein:
Through the courtesy of Mr. Perleberg I have just received the two gifts which
you and your wife were so kind to send us. Mrs.
is away in the country
but I am sure she will be as pleased and grateful as I am to be so sweetly remem-
bered by you. Perhaps you can form a better idea of how thankful I am by reading
the enclosed letter which I wrote a few days after you left New
It came
back to me some time ago and I was wondering where to address you when good
fortune brought Mr. Perleberg.
I had been hoping to send you some portions of my book on the logic of mathe-
matical physics. But the American Association of Law Schools has put me on an
editorial committee to prepare books in Legal Philosophy (Rechtsphilosophie) and
this will keep me busy for some time. However, I am not altogether out of touch
with physical philosophy. A popular review of eleven books on relativity, which I
am sending you under separate cover, may contain some remarks of interest to
Have you read Prof. Whitehead’s two recent
There is some talk of
having him come over to America next winter to lecture. You might meet him at
Columbia if you decide to
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