D O C U M E N T 4 8 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 1 4 3
tiago); is it wise? I think he has good prospects here, too, but is an enterprising fel-
low and well suited for such a foreign post.– Franck is already settled in
(that is, at the moment he is with Bohr in Copenhagen); he must have
freedom of action and that is why I’m diligently collecting money for him. Up to
now I have raised 68,000
It’s not at all so easy to arouse interest among
laymen for our research. I have to have even more. Wien in Munich got a whole
million for the refurbishing of the
I think, what Wien has, Franck also
must have.– I have to revise my relativity
because Springer wants to pub-
lish a 2nd edition; but I can’t get to it during the semester. If you have found errors,
omissions, etc., I would be very grateful for notice. Pauli’s encyclopedia article is
supposedly finished and weighs kg of paper—from which its intellectual
weight is estimable. That little fellow isn’t just clever, but diligent as
wife has been feeling very poorly and stayed for weeks in Cassel to recover. I also
had my fun during that time, namely, a proper burglary. The scoundrels came in at
night through a basement window by breaking through the bars, and carried off lots
of silver, linen, both bicycles, even my suit and shoes from the first floor. Ever
since, I have slept badly and feel unsafe in my own house. The police were a total
disappointment. I can’t share your optimism about political matters; albeit I don’t
believe that everything is swallowed as hot as it is cooked
We aren’t going
to pay as much as is being demanded. But I observe the effect of this power politics
in people’s mindsets; it is a completely irreversible accumulation of ugly feelings
of rage, vengeance, and hate. In small towns like Göttingen you notice it very
strongly. I understand it, by the way. My reason declares it stupid to react that way;
but my gut feelings react that way nevertheless. It appears to me unavoidable that
one day new catastrophes will emerge from it. The world simply isn’t governed by
reason, and certainly not by love.—But, I hope, the harmony between us won’t be
disturbed anymore.
With warm regards, also from my wife, yours,
Max Born.
48. To Paul Ehrenfest
Berlin, Sunday evening [13 February
Dear Ehrenfest,
Owing to an adventurous political idea, I quickly had to travel to Amsterdam
with a few
but did not have time to visit all of
upon receipt of your
I took steps for our Russian colleagues at police
furthermore, upon receipt of your last
I submitted your
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