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2. From Heinrich Zangger
[Zurich, between 24 December 1920 and early January
Dear friend Einstein,
Not a sound from you since [Bad]
Happy 1921, despite all the rel-
ativity in the world.
I stagger between attack and acknowledgment—favor and hatred. Active above
all is hatred, when it still thinks it can eliminate—neutralize—someone.
Now come the reactions to the
Every law is purportedly restriction,
everything has to be freely tradable. The sale of poison, of course, is permissible,
like any substitute product—without them nothing works anymore—the essence of
the danger is ignored, assailing after first
In Paris, on the contrary, it was very nice—well received on all sides, the book
in particular, the goals–liberty–responsibility—everything passionately welcomed.
The things any thoughtless scoundrel here contentedly believes he may secretly
[exploit]! I now see in the history of medicine, [as well as] in the history of the
Academy of Medicine that an immense persuasive force is needed for a single step
to be able to change the course of traditions [and] conventions; [for] typhoid–tuber-
culosis 50 years were needed, and many
(The route of relativity was quite
different and faster.) Actions, effects on life are still a direct consequence of per-
Now after you have seen your little Tete, you are probably also somewhat more
satisfied with my medical
There is much that is not relative—one must
believe in optimal results.
On Weyl’s behalf I was in Bern with Gnehm: I lobbied for sick leave for him for
a few years, from Christmas until May + subsidy from a research fund—so that he
can use the vacation for his cure without
The war between the two of you
is surely increasingly
He doesn’t need the redshift at all for his
theory—that’s right—isn’t
Now he has incorporated the limits of the physics of fields [in the]
Einstein will respond.The book [by] Born is the best, just a little short-winded—
especially the section at the
Best wishes,
At Christmas I visited Romain Rolland in
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