D O C U M E N T S 7 7 , 7 8 M A R C H 1 9 2 1 6 3
77. To Otto Neurath
Berlin, 3 March 1921
Esteemed Doctor,
You have persuaded me that your plan to produce a popular series of books is a
suitable method to meet the profound desire for learning by numerous people in a
really effective
Your project may gain like importance for the broader
masses as the Encyclopédie in the 18th century for the educated of
I am
gladly prepared to collaborate to the best of my ability and will try to interest com-
petent and well-intentioned fellow colleagues in your plan.
In great respect.
78. From Paul Epstein[1]
Zurich, 6 Physik St., 4 March 1921
Highly esteemed Professor,
From the newspapers I gather that you are making your way to America toward
the end of this
I also am in the process of breaking camp here and reset-
tling in Holland in the coming days. If you are taking a Dutch ship, I would there-
fore appreciate the privilege of seeing you in Holland.
I consider my Dutch stay temporary and will try to find something suitable in
America or England. Currently I am in the middle of negotiations with Berkeley
about a one-year position, but it is not yet certain whether anything comes of
If a university approaches you with the request for recommendations of a theoreti-
cal physicist, please do keep me in mind. Naturally, only positions with a secure
income come into consideration for me, as someone knowledgeable about the cir-
cumstances said, from “assistant professor” upwards.
Miss Edith is one of the few who regret my departure. Her dissertation has not
come very far but will have to be finished, for better or worse. So it will probably
make a somewhat weak impression. Unfortunately, she is not doing a very skillful
job in writing it up,
I am anyway leaving Zurich without much regret and am already looking for-
ward to the wonderful working conditions at Leyden. I have already sent out a
small article ahead of me and it will be appearing soon in the Amsterdam
I hope that your journey will be pleasant and will offer you much of interest and
inspiration, and wish you good success in attaining its
With cordial regards, yours very sincerely,
Paul Epstein
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