1 8 6 D O C U M E N T 1 4 4 J U N E 1 9 2 1
4) die Bestätigung des Kantischen Lehre von der Idealität (=Nichtexistenz)
als absoluten u. der Relativität („Subjektivität“) des wirklichen (empirischen) Rau-
5) Ebenso von der Zeit.
6) die Korrektur der Kantischen Kosmologie durch den Begriff ein[e]r Welt
(eines Raumes?) von unbegrenzter Endlichkeit.
C) Zur geistesgeschichtlichen Bedeutung
7) die Relativierung des Kopernikanischen Weltbildes u. der für seine
Durchsetzung geführten geistigen Kämpfe.
Heinrich Scholz
Kiel, Feldstr.
den 2. Juni 1921
ALS. [21 540, 21 541]. There are perforations for a loose-leaf binder at the left margin of the docu-
[1]See Doc. 108.
[2]Werner Schmeidler (1890–1969) was Privatdozent in Mathematics at the University of Kiel;
Walther Kossel (1888–1927) was Professor of Theoretical Physics at the same university.
144. From Morris R. Cohen
[New York,] June
Dear Professor Einstein:
It was difficult for me to express to you orally and in a foreign language the joy
and courage which my meeting you has afforded
Poor health, too much
drudgery, and a scattering of my mental efforts & the four corners of the intellectual
world—law, mathematics, history of civilization, and philosophy—have prevented
me from as yet accomplishing any of the things for which I have been striving. The
kind and friendly interest which you expressed in my work has, therefore, meant
much more encouragement to me than you can readily imagine. I hope that you will
remember, when you read the several re-prints of mine that you took along, that
they were written years ago and that they were addressed to
I can only hope that some of the things which I hope to print soon will be of greater
value and will interest you more.
I ardently hope that you will find it possible to accept the Columbia
you decide to do so, please let me or Mr. Gano Dunn
I am sure that we can
secure similar offers from neighboring Universities. If you come for scientific pur-
poses it will not be necessary for you to live in New York hotels. Arrangements can
be made for you and Mrs. Einstein to live in some quiet neighborhood where you
can meet the people you want and have your privacy respected.
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