1 7 2 D O C U M E N T S 1 3 1 , 1 3 2 M A Y 1 9 2 1
Ich habe auch eine telegraphische Depesche geschickt.
ALS. [32 624]. Written on letterhead “28, Queen Anne’s Gate, Westminster.”
[1]Haldane (1856–1928) was a statesman, lawyer, and philosopher.
[2]Elsa Einstein.
[3]Einstein confirmed the scheduling of his lecture at King’s College on 20 April 1921 (see
131. To Jacques Loeb
[New York,] May 9, 1921.
My dear Professor Loeb:
I take pleasure in inviting you to participate in a small gathering which will take
place on Thursday, the nineteenth of May, at 8:30 P.M. at the Hotel
The object of the gathering will be to discuss with a number of gentlemen of
standing in the community, the proposed Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and to
consider ways and means of organizing in its support the sympathy which is cer-
tainly felt toward that scheme in wide circles of American Jewry, both Zionist and
Knowing the interest with which you view this great undertaking, I trust that you
will give me the benefit of your counsel and your support.
Yours very sincerely,
A. Einstein.
TLS (DLC, Papers of Jacques Loeb, Container 4). [15 184]. Typed on letterhead “Professor Albert
Einstein Hotel Commodore,” and addressed “Prof. Jacques Loeb, Rockefeller Institute, New York,
[1]Weizmann had earlier indicated that the dates for the conference proposed by Judah L. Magnes
and Louis B. Marshall could be either 19 or 20 May (Chaim Weizmann to Shmarya Levin, 1 May
1921 [IsReY]). Einstein invited “about 50 non-Zionists” to the planned meeting, whose purpose was
not to raise funds, but rather to establish a University Aid Committee and elect its principal officers
(see Solomon Ginzberg to Stephen Wise, 13 May 1921 [NNAJHS, Stephen Wise Collection]).
[2]A list of thirty-seven invitees is extant in Ginzberg’s hand (see “O. Strauss Dinner” [IsJCZA,
L12/111]). For references to the replies Einstein received, see 12–18 May 1921 in Calendar.
132. From Benjamin N. Cardozo[1]
New York, May 13, 1921.
Dear Professor Einstein,
I have been in Albany all week attending the sessions of my court; and on my
return this evening, I find your letter awaiting me
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