D O C . 2 4 0 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 0 2 0 3 talent through publications. With barely sufficient financial support they are placed in a Dut[ch] university location as “private scholars,” and, under their direction, a small group of boys conspicuously gifted mathematically, also from those regions. (After a couple of years everything has to have been completed.) Purpose: creation of a small reservoir that Palestine can dip into. The respective Dutch university makes as much or as little use of the presence of these mathematicians (in their day-to-day teaching) as they deem beneficial. I mention mathematics because physics here really is very good, and raising the mathematical level would certainly be positively welcomed on all sides. You notice that these are all very unthought-out dreams—momentarily conjured up. So please, please do not compromise me by telling anyone else about them–[7] Especially in front of Lorentz, I would be terribly embarrassed!!!!! But do just say whether anything in it seems reasonable to you. Now to another matter: I learned that Epstein is already greatly worried about his immediate future.[8] I don’t know if you are aware of this. I shall do what I can for him here. But the best I can do is provide him with an assistantship with which he could just barely scrape out a living.—I think that his previous work and his great strength in “calculating” really do give him the right to enthusiastic support on our part.[9] —What’s the situation with the Hamburg professorship in theor. physics?[10] In my efforts here it would be convenient for me to be able to avail myself of a statement from you about Epstein’s accomplishments and about his strengths. Very, very affectionate greetings from the whole Ehrenfest band. We wish you a happy New Year! Yours, Ehrenfest Did you receive my first money transfer? Can I send you the rest directly?[11] 240. From Erwin Freundlich January 1920 [Not selected for translation.]
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