1 3 6 D O C . 1 6 1 N O V E M B E R 1 9 1 9 Never have I taken part in such a vivacious home setting before it simply comes from two independent persons not being bound together by compromises! I duly learned to consider you all a part of me and me a part of you all. From now on, let’s stay properly in close contact with each other. I know that it does both of us good and that each is made to feel by the other less of a stranger in this world. Early next year a conference will take place in Switzerland about the university in Palestine.[4] I am going to travel there, if it’s at all possible. Because I know that such things are close to your heart and that you have organizational talent and ex- perience, I gave your name to those people.[5] They are sure to turn to you for ad- visory help. I believe a great future lies in store for this affair. This university will contribute toward making less Jewish talent, particularly in Poland and Russia, have to go wretchedly to waste.[6] I am studying Lorentz’s lectures with great pleasure.[7] Then I’m going to delve into Bohr, your warm recommendation of which piqued my interest so greatly. You showed me that underneath is a person with a deep probing mind to whom grand connections come alive.[8] How hard this magnificent creation of ours seems to have to struggle just for that little bit of live awareness of its beauty! This beauty is so subtle and strange that one can’t quite shake off religious notions.– At the last colloquium the analyses by Nichols and Merritt on the fluorescence of uranyl salts were reviewed—〈fabulously〉 unusually clear and interesting results, also important for the further development of quantum theory.[9] Greetings to you in warm gratitude, yours, Einstein The Thermos flask was a great blessing during the cold journey. It works excel- lently. Friendly greetings also to van Aardenne, whom I have come to like dearly I thank him and his family for all their kindness.[10] 161. From Hermann Coenen 8 November 1919 [Not selected for translation.]
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