D O C . 9 5 A U G U S T 1 9 1 9 7 7 take Swiss money with you over the border without any problem or have it sent to you by check. It’s just that no German money is allowed out. These regulations are a natural consequence of the circumstances.[5] But consider your trip carefully! The exchange rate is at 28 (100 marks for 28 francs).[6] If you give Maja 5 francs per day for board, this comes to marks for one month! You wouldn’t have any other costs, though. Mama gets a morphine injection daily that way her condition is made more bearable. She is so attached to life and, thank heavens, is not aware of her condition. She is completely clear-headed, but the intensity of her will has—I think—already dropped a little. That comes from the morphine. She has an exceedingly nice nurse, and the little clinic in which she is lying is being admirably managed.[7] It could still take a year until her death, perhaps significantly less. But there is hardly any doubt left about the nature of her illness, sadly!– You reminded me of my prophecies and views. In those days it was easier than today. All the same, my outlook is not so very dismal rather, I believe that in a few years more tolerable conditions will be upon us. Next winter we shall be shivering, but at least not starving.[8] It is in England’s interest that we not be dragged down too low it alone knows how tautly the bow may be drawn before it breaks.[9] This time will be curative for our country’s inner development because it is politically educational and sweeps away the luxury and pampering, also because it increases the moral weight of southern Germany, whose population thinks, feels, and acts more humanely than northern Germany. Affectionate greetings, yours, Albert. 95. To Joseph Petzoldt [Berlin,] 23 August [1919] Dear Colleague, I too think that only a discussion face-to-face can really clarify things.[1] There- fore I ask that you please come and see me soon (upon arrangement by telephone). In the meantime, the following relevant points. I know perfectly well, of course, that rigid bodies cannot exist according to the theory of rel.[2] One can, however, operate with advantage as if such did exist i.e., we are dealing with an idealization that can be used in certain considerations without contradiction.[3] More specifics in person. It is in this sense that the considerations of my letter should be understood.[4] You unjustifiably set the radius of the rotating “rigid” disk’s circular line equal to . For only a circumference thought of as materialized contracts because of the 150 100- 28 ------- 540= r0
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