D O C . 2 0 3 D E C E M B E R 1 9 1 9 1 7 3 Again begging your pardon for my somewhat bold request, I am yours very tru- ly, Professor The Svedberg P.S. The article would be translated into Swedish here in Uppsala and I would see to it that no misunderstandings creep in. 203. From Paul Ehrenfest [Leyden,] 9 December 1919 Dear Einstein, I’m writing you at the moment not so much because I have anything specific to tell you but to cheer myself up a bit in the middle of a wave of depression. 1. Your cute relativity joke in the Times has already appeared translated in all the Dutch newspapers.[1] I’m glad that Lorentz also found your comment very charm- ing. 2. Thanks for your answer to my comments about your theory.[2] —When you come here again, we’ll discuss it. As I am certainly not the only one upon whom these questions obtrude, it would be nice if you would find it a good idea to debate it with me once in writing, for ex., in the Physikal. Zeitschrift. But, naturally, only after you have made some progress with your cosmological considerations again and we have a chance to discuss it all. Such a real dialogue between the two of us would help very many of those who are genuinely interested in the subject by mak- ing it all much clearer. But there’s no hurry with that, of course.– Your reply told me very much, nonetheless I do still have a lot more to ask, of course. 3. The Einstein gift that we are offering ourselves is gaining reality by the week. An official settlement cannot by any means take place before February 8 (founding date of the university), however, for purely formal reasons.[3] Oh, it is splendid how cheerfully everyone is working together on this affair, but foremost Papa Lorentz and Uncle Onnes and Brother Kuenen.[4] And every step of the way we’ll empha- size that there can be no question of any rivalry with your Berlin position. And, as a matter of fact, I do think that after a couple weeks’ stay here you will make an enormous contribution toward undemonstratively yet firmly reestablishing many broken ties among scientists. Particularly the Cryogenic Laboratory’s international standing will be very useful for that.
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