D O C S . 6 1 , 6 2 J U N E 1 9 1 9 5 1 61. To Pauline Einstein [Berlin, 16 June 1919] Dear Mother, I am very glad about your report that the pain has subsided.[1] On the 28th I’ll be traveling and will then come as soon as possible to you all in Lucerne.[2] I’ll commute back and forth between Lucerne and Zurich, squeezing my lectures there into half a week, if possible.[3] In a Dutch newspaper it was reported that both ex- peditions obtained successful images of the solar eclipse,[4] so the result should be publicized within 6 weeks. Heartfelt greetings to all of you, yours, Albert. 62. From Heinrich Zangger [Zurich, before 18 June 1919][1] Dear friend Einstein, Your letter reached me just after my return from Lucerne & a visit with your mother. Before the report by the doctor, Fräulein Tobler, I knew nothing about your mother being in Switzerland.[2] The pain is subsiding a little, the swelling in the legs is very heavy (compression of the leg vein or thrombosis in the lower pelvis). Furthermore, painful anesthesia for the pain—Less upon [use of Temperophoren]. Sketch: Thigh from the side after the analgesic spot. You will probably show this to a doctor of your ac- quaintance. The reflexes, etc. otherwise intact same on both sides. Your mother is very much looking forward to your coming. Come soon. Lecture in Zurich on 2 succes- sive days so that you could stay much with your mother.[3] In her thoughts she is constantly with the South American solar eclipse—is worried about whether the solar dimming doesn’t do harm.[4] How delighted she is about your confidence, with an alacrity that we younger ones cannot always muster. You are optimistic about Germany, that good in the nation will prevail. Yet Ba- varia should secede & unite with Austria, as [Stodola] always maintained. Muehlon is vehemently against that. I don’t know.[5] Why shouldn’t Planck come, circumstances permitting?[6] I only do solid busi- ness in physics, with good polymaterials: Planckeinstein. Weyl is coming today to visit me. Do write to him, he will be pleased. I heard his course lecture. One thigh
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