9 8 D O C S . 1 1 3 , 1 1 4 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 1 9 P.S. Light deflection has been demonstrated by the English, albeit as of now at a modest precision of 0.9–1.8″, whereas the theory requires 1.7″.[9] Greater precision will surely result from the definitive evaluation. 113. To Pauline Einstein [Berlin,] 27 September 1919 Dear Mother, Today some happy news. H. A. Lorentz telegraphed me that the English expedi- tions have really verified the deflection of light by the Sun.[1] Maja writes me, to my dismay, that you not only have much pain but that you are thinking dismal thoughts as well.[2] How much I would like to keep you company again[3] so that you aren’t overtaken by such nasty contemplations! But I am going to have to stay here a while and work. I shall also be traveling to Holland for a few days in order to show my gratitude to Ehrenfest,[4] although the loss of time is quite grievous. I heartily wish you pleasant days. Fond wishes from your Albert Regards to the nurse, Mrs. Dann along with her son, Maja, Pauli, and your Fräulein Doktor.[5] Next time more! 114. To Jean Perrin [Berlin,] 27 September 1919 Dear Mr. Perrin, How happy I was, after these long, terrible years, to hear from you directly again.[1] I can assure you that, during those times, our ardent wishes and fears were “connected in parallel” much more than could be guessed from the external condi- tions. But now my fears continue in that, in my opinion, on every field poisonous weeds can grow alongside the good corn, when conditions are right I believe these matter more than the soil. I would be very pleased if we could speak to each other again sometime. The fine hours I spent with you, Langevin, and Mrs. Curie in Paris and Brussels have remained unforgettable.[2] Perhaps that will happen one day in Holland or in Switzerland, since obviously, for the foreseeable future, I must not venture into Paris with my Swabian French. I beg you kindly to send me your new paper on the role of radiation in chemical reactions, which Pierre Weiss already discussed with me.[3] I am sending you a few
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