2 5 4 D O C . 3 0 4 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 0 Tolstoy, or Turgenev, or Gorky or at the very least Herzen?[19] I would like to hope that it is just my own ignorance that I am unaware of this literature.—It must exist, or it would be a death sentence. Something quite discontinuous is about to happen in Europe now, isn’t that true?—And on this occasion a devil will surely come, on special commission, to grab all Jews in Europe uniformly and synchronously by the scruff of the neck and give them a tremendous shake. Will the great miracle then happen that our prophets foresee, which will awaken and unite us all, orthodox and atheists alike, to a new living faith?—Maybe you have already seen something of it, even just a hint? I can’t see it anywhere yet. On the other hand, much lying, rigidity, obstinacy, cynicism, thoughtlessness, folly—around me and actually also within me.—Where are the great prophets, or was it always the case that contemporaries, particularly “educated” ones like I am, can never see this?—[Anatole France wrote a little sketch about how Pilate, old and in retirement in Rome, comes across a likewise aging colleague from his days of service in Palestine and how they reminisce about a few things in Jerusalem, like the chic flute player what’s-her-name, recall this or that funny anecdote, and on the side also a mad, ragged Jew whom they had to have crucified because someone among the high priests insisted upon it—but they cannot recall the name anymore, primarily because this subject suddenly sets them on to some other memory.][20] The End! Response to my letters totally unnecessary insofar as I do not specifi- cally request it. We all, every one of us, send our greetings. I wish you and your wife energy in this so difficult time for you all. Regards, P. Ehrenfest. Tell your wife’s daughters I’d like to know whether I may ask them sometime for something that is awkward for me to ask of you![21] [5] “Dalles” is Yiddish for being broke. 304. From Heike Kamerlingh Onnes Leyden, Huize ter Wetering Haagweg, 8 February 1920 Dear, highly esteemed Friend, Tomorrow, as I trust, the resolution to call you to Leyden will be taken,[1] and so before the official telegram with this appointment reaches you I would like to say
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