1 9 6 D O C S . 2 3 1 , 2 3 2 D E C E M B E R 1 9 1 9 I also beg of you, my esteemed Professor, a good portrait of yourself (with a ded- ication), that I would like to keep in a binder I have created. If I, on my part, can be of any use to you, please do avail yourself completely of me. Can I send you anything from Switzerland? Or would you like me to send you complimentary copies of my “Twelve Books”? I would be very heartily pleased if I may see you once in Zurich, which you ev- idently are well acquainted with, and remain in the meantime with best wishes for your continued efforts and for happy holidays, yours very truly, Carl Seelig If a copy of Clarté with an autograph dedication by Barbusse would please you, I shall tell Barbusse so, who will gladly grant your wish.[5] 231. To Heinrich Teweles[1] Berlin, 23 December [1919] Dear Sir, Your little article in the Prager Tageblatt, which was sent to me by a gentleman here, entertained me so much that I cannot refrain from thanking you kindly for the pleasure. Since I do not see any possibility of reciprocating with anything similarly quaint, I am sending you in the same mail my booklet on relativity designed for the general reader.[2] With great respect,[3] A. Einstein. But you mistook Born for Drill. It’s good that my friend Born doesn’t know, or else he’d have a nightmare, too![4] 232. From Leonhard Grebe and Albert Bachem Bonn, 23 December 1919 Highly esteemed Professor, We forward to you in the enclosed a duplicate of the article sent out today to the Zeitschrift für Physik, which presents the result of our microphotometric analyses on the redshift of the lines in the solar spectrum.[1] At the same time, we thank you once again most sincerely for your kind assistance in making these measurements possible.[2] The result seems to demonstrate incontestably the existence of the shift effect re- quired by your theory. These findings agree fully with the supposition expressed in
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