D O C . 1 1 0 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 1 9 9 5 We shall pay attention as carefully as possible to your diet. You must only tell us very precisely what you need.[8] If you give me all the necessary authority, I shall see to it that you are not overwhelmed.—Besides that, you can on the spur of the moment isolate yourself completely for a couple of days on the estate of a very, very dear friend of mine in pine woodland, with most excellent accommodations, and peace! [Bohr was quite delighted when we were there for two days!][9] Fokker is in Switzerland, de Sitter has to go to Switzerland any day now for a couple of weeks (?).—Hertzsprung is already here.—[10] De Haas asks me to request the following of you. You once wrote him about an amount that you had once exchanged for him.—He absolutely does not want to know about the difference that has now arisen through the currency exchange and considers this difference your property.[11] But “Since he is ignorant about how to discuss such matters in the appropriate manner,” he asked me to say so to you. Well, now you’ve heard it. Now please write me directly about when you can come. I shall then immediate- ly make sure that you get an official invitation from here for a prospective talk and that your “entry permit” is processed as quickly as possible from here.—Please in- quire directly at the Dutch Consulate in Berlin about which papers you have to fill out—these must then ultimately go to The Hague: Passport Office 12 Van Imhoff- plein The Hague.– But send them, filled out and signed, by registered express to me.—Indicate as reference “the Physics Professors at the University of Leyden”! Fond greetings from all of us, yours, Ehrenfest. 110. From Hendrik A. Lorentz [The Hague, 22 September 1919] Eddington found stellar shift[1] at solar limb, tentative value[2] between nine- tenths of a second [of a degree] and twice that.[3] Lorentz.
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