D O C S . 3 0 2 , 3 0 3 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 0 2 5 1 You need to settle with Vieweg only the recompense due him and me for the trans- lation rights. Publication in the English language[2] of earlier papers doesn’t seem quite ap- propriate to me, but certainly my lectures on relativity theory would be, which, however, I would still have to write out sometime in the coming half of this year.[3] The latter presupposes higher mathematics, of course, but would nevertheless be relatively easy to understand. With such a publication one could naturally not count on such large sales as for our little booklet. Kind regards, yours. 302. To Rudolf Wegscheider Berlin, 7 February 1920 Esteemed Colleague, I feel the need to make some additions to my earlier letter.[1] It is beyond doubt that through his indefatigable effort Ehrenhaft has obtained novel findings that legitimately aroused the liveliest interest among physicists ev- erywhere. Whatever stance one may take toward these findings, it seems certain that these results will remain of considerable importance in the evolution of our sci- ence. I therefore deem it thoroughly justified and desirable that major experimental resources be entrusted to Mr. Ehrenhaft for his free disposal.[2] In my view, the ex- perimental accomplishments of the remaining Austrian physicists under consider- ation for the teaching post cannot measure up to those of Ehrenhaft. This applies, in my opinion, also to Mr. Schweidler, whose important achievement (discovery of radioactive fluctuations) lies more in the theoretical domain.[3] Any limitations placed upon the resources available to Mr. Ehrenhaft would mean, in my opinion, a considerable crippling of research in the field of experimental physics in Vienna. With amicable greetings, yours truly. 303. From Paul Ehrenfest [Leyden,] 8 February 1920 Dear Einstein, Today Hertzsprung showed me the following verse from Observatory, I, 1920. “We thought that space was straight and Euclid true God said ‘Let Einstein be’ and all was skew.”[1] asks every day—when’s Einstein coming, at last?![2] T′
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