2 4 2 D O C S . 2 9 1 , 2 9 2 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 0 291. From Anton Lampa Hadersdorf-Weidlingen near Vienna, 1 February 1920 Dear Mr. Einstein, I thank you very much indeed for your friendly letter as well as for forwarding a transcription of your expert opinion intended for Mr. Wegscheider.[1] Mr. W. is now going to ask for your permission to inform the commission of your view of Ehrenhaft.[2] I supported this wish, especially since I know that a very important member of the commission (a nonphysicist) attaches the greatest impor- tance to hearing your evaluation.[3] I for my part must add an urgent request: to send Mr. W. a revised version of your opinion in which my views expressed in the telegram are not reflected. I leave it to you whether or not you want to mention Mr. J. Franck. The sentence: “I mention this only in respect to a passage in our col- league Lampa’s telegram, which obliges me to make this statement” must be omit- ted, because an attempt will certainly be made to read into it an indirect interference on my part through you.[4] That would be very embarrassing for me and be very harmful to the cause. Nor did I, by any means, intend by communicating to you my views that you take them into account in your recommendation, but just simply wanted to tell you personally what I think. As concerns your comments in your letter, I can only say: Ehrenhaft can be proud of your opinion of him. And now one more word of a personal note. It was with true joy that I was once again able to receive news from you directly after such a long time. Indirectly I did hear from you whenever the chance arose, particularly through Miss Meitner.[5] I always think back with great pleasure on the unfortunately too short a time we shared together in Prague[6] and very much regret not being able to be near you. For personal and practical reasons you may call this egotistical—I could not refute it. But when one gravitates toward epistemology, one does often wish to be able to dis- cuss it with you! With the warmest greetings also from my wife, yours, Lampa. 292. From Rudolf Wegscheider Vienna, 1 February 1920 Highly esteemed Colleague, Many thanks for your letter of 20 January, which arrived yesterday![1] I believe I may see in it a valuable confirmation of the views I had formed for myself about
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