D O C . 2 5 3 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 0 2 1 1 The “Protective Alliance” is forming for this purpose a General Committee for the Border Fund to which Germany’s leading personalities, numbering roughly 100 persons, will be invited. I have received the honorable charge of inviting personalities that are under consideration for the Panel for Arts and Sciences within the framework of this Gen- eral Committee and thus humbly direct to you, highly esteemed Professor, the question of whether you would be inclined to sit on this panel. In the enclosed I have the honor of submitting the official report on the session of members of the German National Assembly and the Prussian State Assembly at the plenary assembly hall of Reichstag on December 16th[1] and request your de- cision as soon as possible on the enclosed postcard, since publication of the names of the General Committee is imminently planned. In the enclosed may I submit a list of the personalities invited to be on the Panel for Arts and Sciences.[2] With great respect, yours, von Gleichen.[3] Enclosures: “Report, list, stamped postcard.” 253. From Charlotte Weigert[1] Copenhagen, 25 IVK. Vendersgade, 10 January 1920 Esteemed, dear Professor, Weeks have gone by since you were supposed to have received this translated newspaper excerpt,[2] but with weak health hampering my own work I unfortunate- ly could not get to it. I still send it to you today, because I assume you haven’t seen it yet and the whole story, how your theories are mirrored in the naive mind of a Danish press reporter, will amuse you, as well as certain “legendary” assumptions about your life history. Are you, incidentally, really a Zionist?[3] I never heard that before and would be interested to know! Unfortunately, I heard nothing of Mr. Holst’s article,[4] which would in any case be more serious than the foregoing one. But since Politiken is the main paper here, the report was widely read and dis- cussed. By chance I spoke just a few days ago with Dr. Kramers, who is an assistant of Prof. Bohr.[5] He was very happy to meet you in Holland and shared my joy about the session in England.[6] On behalf of science and on behalf of common intellec- tual interest, we must be so thankful to you, esteemed Professor! The magnanimity of English science is highly gratifying as well! This experience will surely have done your “pacifistic” heart good. I was delighted to hear your name mentioned re- cently in the presence of Paul Colin.[7] That must have been impressive, and I was
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