D O C S . 3 7 9 . 3 8 0 A P R I L 1 9 2 0 3 1 7 it. I don’t give a darn [Je m’en fiche], as our dear neighbors to the west say![2] Your epistemology has made many friends.[3] Even Cassirer had some words of ac- knowledgment for it only the droningly pastoral Liebert not.[4] Young Reichen- bach has written a very interesting paper about Kant & general relativity, in which he also gives your comparison with a calculating machine.[5] Best regards to you, your wife, and the children, as well as to Mrs. Katz, yours, Einstein. 379. To Ulrich von Wilamowitz-Moellendorff [1] [Berlin,] 19 April 1920 Esteemed Colleague, Through our colleague Haber I gather that you have reservations about offering your signature toward promoting the Anglo-American literary aid program for cen- tral Europe[2] because you refuse to figure on the same list as I, whom you have described as an independent socialist.[3] I am very willing to withdraw from this matter at any time, if I could be of service to the cause in this way, especially since it may be questionable whether, as a Swiss, I am justified in participating in this affair.[4] I did not withdraw immediately due to my hesitation solely on the consid- eration that, through my good contacts among Germany’s former enemies and neu- tral countries abroad, I believe I can be of service to this highly welcome and im- portant program, in the interest of restoring international scientific collaboration. Under these conditions, it would probably be best if we discussed the matter to- gether in peace and quiet in the coming days, most preferably at the Academy [5] however, I am very willing to meet elsewhere as well. With great respect, A. Einstein. 380. To Heinrich Zangger 19 April 1920 [Not selected for translation.]
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