2 8 6 D O C S . 3 4 0 3 4 2 M A R C H 1 9 2 0 Under these conditions I assume that, despite your full-time engagement in sci- ence, you might feel disposed to serving as an expert in the interest of upholding this patent for A.E.G., which, as before, publicly retains its ownership. Please kindly address your reply to my attention at the Osram Co., Ltd. In anticipation of your valued notice, I am respectfully, very sincerely yours, Dr. Blau. 340. From Peter Debye 5 March 1920 [Not selected for translation.] 341. From David Hilbert Göttingen, 5 March 1920 My dear Colleague, I am fighting a hard battle here for theor. physics. Only the gods know how it will end. It was probably very stupid of me not to have gone to Bern, where I could have lived for my science in peaceful contemplation.[1] —Among the younger physicists Born values Stern in particular, with whom he had worked in Frankfurt he places Stern even above Lenz.[2] I would like some orientation just for my pri- vate use. Could you perhaps write me a couple of lines on a postcard, commenting on what you think of Stern and in which respect he distinguishes himself among the younger ones.– Many thanks for your letter about Born, by which you did me a great favor.[3] Best regards, yours, Hilbert. 342. To [----] Blau [Berlin,] 5[6] March 1920[1] Dear Dr. Blau, Your request for an expert opinion in the matter of your patent dispute with San- nig & Co.[2] places me in a somewhat embarrassing situation, which in this case makes it impossible for me to comply, much as I would otherwise have liked to sat- isfy you. For I have been asked by the firm Sannig & Co. to give my expert opinion on the A.E.G. patent 269498, which I have already done.[3] Under these already established conditions I therefore cannot think of engaging myself in the same mat- ter as an expert for your party as well. Since, on the other hand, I must fear that
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