D O C S . 2 2 3 , 2 2 4 D E C E M B E R 1 9 1 9 1 9 1 P.S. I am rather curious about the outcome of your calculations on star clusters.[10] Are results already available?—One more question. I read about your Clarté meet- ing in the paper.[11] Perhaps one should try to establish a local branch here at the university? And how would one proceed with that? 223. To Alfred Wolfer Berlin, 20 December 1919 Esteemed Colleague,[1] The publications of Mr. Briner have not come to my notice I could therefore give an opinion of the same only in the event that you send me the papers.[2] As far as Mr. Bernoulli is concerned, his papers reveal a dubious lack of lucidity.[3] I can- not imagine that this man could work successfully as a teacher. With utmost respect, A. Einstein. 224. From Paul Ehrenfest [Leyden,] 20 December 1919 Dear Einstein, Tomorrow more than half of the amount that I owe you is going out to you all.[1] And—as I hope—a few days later, the remainder. Please note that these check re- mittances always require a few days and I received your letter only yesterday. Now, first my cordial thanks for all your effort.—I was very ashamed of myself afterwards that I burdened you all with this thing. I hope the sounding board arrives uncracked.—Your buying two unborn violins suits you so perfectly as a theoretical physicist.[2] Well, I am curious what the outcome will be 〈now〉. Aston (Cambridge) supposedly has now ascertained (with a more precise “pos- itive-ray” method) that neon is a mixture of 2 neons (I think, 20, 22) and that 35.5 chlorine absolutely does not exist, just 34 and 36 chlorine. (I don’t know the figures for certain!!)[3] —Not yet published—just an oral report.[4] Splendid, isn’t it?—En- ter the era of nuclear speculations. I still have no information about what is supposed to be discussed in Basle.[5] Neither, apparently, does Ornstein.[6] —I think it is quite out of the question that I’ll make it to Basle: 1. Because of passport problem.[7] 2. Because of serious overex- haustion and a great need for rest. 3. Because my wife does not want to let me go
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