D O C S . 8 5 , 8 6 A U G U S T 1 9 1 9 7 1 proposals without refusing them. The government will soon be paying you 3000 marks again for the time being, and the remainder will manifest itself after my return.[8] So give me a sound scolding, but don’t annoy me, because I am supposed to be relaxing & must have my way. Cordially yours, Haber Greetings to your dear wife. 85. From Otto Lummer 4 August 1919 [Not selected for translation.] 86. To Pauline Einstein [Zurich,] Thursday. [7 August 1919][1] Dear Mother, Just before taking my leave of Zurich, this letter. Tonight I am going to be with my friend Habicht in Schaffhausen,[2] tomorrow it’s onwards via Sigmaringen to Mr. Brandhuber, with whom I’m staying only briefly in order to make good on an old promise.[3] I spent three more fine days here with Albert, in which we played much music, worked on the flying machine, and yesterday went sailing in a stiff wind.[4] Yesterday evening from 6–7, I had a taste of Uncle, Ogden, Alice, the old Mrs. Steinhardt, Robert, and Alfred.[5] Supper at home subsequently revived my optimism and strength. Those are abhorrent people, devoid of substance only Alice is really of the better sort. I am leaving here with greater reassurance because I know you are in such excellent care in a neutral setting where nothing can disturb you.[6] The main thing is that you let yourself calmly finish the cure and stay in good spirits. Then hopefully it won’t be so long before you can travel to us.[7] Yesterday I also met Edith, who is very nice to me, although gratitude naturally does play a part, owing to the doctoral thesis.[8] Now I quickly better get down to packing, or else I’ll miss my train. Best regards also to Maja & Pauli,[9] yours, Albert. Friendly greetings to the nurse, also to Mrs. Dann.[10]
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