8 D O C . 7 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 1 9 Bern, each by certified receipt. 8. Appeal of this decision can be submitted in writing to the Record Office of the Z[uri]ch Local Court within 10 days of written notice. ————— In the name of the Zurich Local Court Section II, The Vice President: E. Lang The Substitute Court Clerk by pr[oxy], D. Asper. 7. To Heinrich Zangger [Berlin,] 28 February 1919 Dear Zangger,[1] I have gathered information from many quarters.[2] Karl M. Warburg is generally thought to be exemplary in character, completely trustworthy, in no way compro- mised.[3] Schlubach and Schiff are seen as less impeccable so they could not be taken into consideration.[4] However, I refer you to a distant relative of mine, Mr. Rudolf Moos (Reichskanzlerplatz, Berlin). He is ideally dependable and a truly good person at that.[5] In the last few years he managed the leather supply for the whole Reich. Nor is Muehlon considered quite as outstanding as I had thought— but I don’t want to put any weight on that the main objection was that he waited until 1917 with his revelations.[6] The journey went better than expected. Today it would probably be worse than a couple of days ago.[7] God knows what will be the end of it. The resentment that has long been accumulating in the nation is now about to explode. I gave your address to Pr[ivy] Coun[cillor] Leopold Koppel (Berlin), who is staying in Zurich for a longer time, so that he can visit you. He is a leading man in industry here (owner of most of the stocks of the Auer Company).[8] That man will surely interest you. More another time. For today, cordial regards, yours, A. Einstein. Else’s heart seizures came from lozenges against flu infection (“Anginos tablets”). It was some kind of poisoning. That will certainly interest you.[9] A local doctor we know observed such poisoning symptoms in other cases as well.
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