D O C S . 3 0 7 , 3 0 8 F E B R U A R Y 1 9 2 0 2 5 7 Furthermore, I own securities in the amount of over 100000 marks which, like my cash, is deposited in my bank account (Dresdner Bank, 190/91 Kaiserallee). This my uncle and father-in-law[3] transferred to me at the end of 1918 from his private capital as a dowry for his daughter, whom I married in the spring of 1919. His capital (including these securities) did not increase but diminished after the de- fense contribution. His bank account is Dresdner Bank, branch office 66 Motzstr. Very respectfully, A. Einstein. 307. To Richard von Mises [Berlin,] 10 February 1920 Esteemed Colleague, To avoid causing any delay, I inform you today already that I am very happy to sign the appeal for a Popper-Lynkeus fund.[1] Where can contributions be sent? With best regards, yours, A. Einstein P.S. It is rare that such a fine mathematician is so modest. 308. From Hendrik A. Lorentz Haarlem, 11 February 1920 Dear Colleague, I am happy to be able to inform you now that the petition to nominate you as “Extraordinary Professor” [bijzonderen hoogleerar] was welcomed with warm ap- plause at the meeting of the university council.[1] The appointment will take place as soon as the obligatory government authorization has been given, which, I hope, will happen in a few weeks. Until then, no press release will be issued. By the way, we can firmly count on said authorization. Your positive response pleased me greatly. One letter would actually have suf- ficed (it came after the telegram)[2] and now I am very sorry to have pestered you so much while you have such deep worries about your mother’s condition. Rest as- sured that we sincerely sympathize with your troubles and often think of you.[3] I would like to say one more thing to you now. Namely, do not trouble yourself too much about preparing for your first stay in Leyden. Really, if you come to us completely unprepared, we will enjoy it very much that way, more than you can imagine. It goes without saying that I am eager to hear your inaugural speech.
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