2 2 0 D O C . 2 6 5 J A N U A R Y 1 9 2 0 to me on the 10th of this mo., I sent you a telegram directly, and specifically, priority with reply prepaid, likewise priority. Since I still have not heard from you (probably as a result of the severe breakdown in communications these last few days) I am trying once again to reach you along this route. With cordial greetings, devotedly yours, H. A. Lorentz. 265. To Hendrik A. Lorentz [Berlin,] 19 January 1920 Highly esteemed and dear Colleague, Your latest letter is a terrible embarrassment for me. It is my fault that I did not immediately respond to your first letter.[1] I had written a few days before your tele- gram arrived, and answered the telegram reply without even an hour’s delay.[2] Now I am trying once again by letter. I accept your proposal, with a feeling of deep gratitude, in order to have the plea- sure of keeping fresh the comforting bonds of friendship linking me with my col- leagues there, and foremost with you, through regular stays in Holland. I blush, though, at the reasons behind your fine offer. I do know that kind destiny allowed me to find a couple of nice ideas after many years of feverish labor. Nevertheless, unlike you, nature has not bestowed me with the ability to deliver lectures and dis- pense original ideas virtually effortlessly as meets your refined and versatile mind.[3] Even the talent of polished communication which I so warmly admire in you has been denied me. So I come to you with empty hands and some disappoint- ment is inevitable. This awareness of my limitations pervades me all the more keen- ly in recent times since I see that my faculties are being quite particularly overrated after a few consequences of the general theory of relativity stood the test.[4] But I will earnestly try at least to do what is in my power, and you all will be content with that, I know, and will judge me with benevolent forbearance. So I look forward to my position with calm anticipation, looking upon it as a generous gift. I would like to hold the inaugural lecture—following your nice suggestion—on the ether.[5] I close now with the thought that a short letter will reach you sooner than a long one. With cordial greetings, yours, A. Einstein.
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