D O C S . 1 0 0 , 1 0 1 S E P T E M B E R 1 9 1 9 8 3 soon.—They wrote.[9] Uncle Caesar is going to get a letter.[10] His reports have been sorely missed. The children returned the day before yesterday, but are not re- adjusting so easily.[11] We have in mind to move to Potsdam next year, if it’s pos- sible, that is, if 〈something〉 an apartment can be had. All my colleagues are out of town. There is still no news about the solar eclipse. All the same, I am very fre- quently asked, verbally and in writing, about the result.[12] Paula’s Hans is taking his school-leaving examination, a difficult undertaking if one hasn’t gone through regular schooling.[13] It appears to me that politics is slowly assuming a calmer course. The new men have gradually learned how to govern,[14] and the majority are tired of politics. I won’t be lecturing next semester I’ve had about enough of all that course-giving in the past year.[15] I’ve already informed Zurich as well that I won’t be reading there anymore.[16] Now I heartily wish you a quick recovery. Don’t plague yourself with writing if it costs you too much effort. I’m going to be writing you anyway. Best regards to you, Maja, Pauli, and also to the nurse, Mrs. Dann, and your Fräulein Doktor.[17] Yours, Albert. 100. To Eduard Study [?][1] [Berlin, 5 September 1919][2] . . . Laue wrote me from Würzburg about your inquiry.[3] Planck and Rubens are not here[4] . . . It is very regrettable that politics is being used at such an inappro- priate place and that you consequently won’t get Paschen, who is excellent.[5] A comparison between Cl[emens] Schaefer and Konen is simple.[6] Schaefer has con- tributed considerably to scientific advancement not only by theory but also by ex- periment, which cannot be claimed of Konen. Schaefer’s papers prove that he has a sure eye for choosing currently solvable and important problems and that he also knows how to inspire others to do valuable research . . . 101. From Paul Ehrenfest [Leyden,] 8 September 1919 Dear Einstein, Just now I hear that you aren’t in Switzerland anymore. I sent you a long letter there.[1] For safety’s sake, I repeat the rudiments of it now:
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