D O C . 1 5 6 N O V E M B E R 1 9 1 9 1 3 3 few years has done important work in theoretical physics[4] and stated to me his willingness to learn Hebrew so he can become involved in the planned univer- sity [5] furthermore, there is Prof. P. Ehrenfest at the University of Leyden, who is experienced in organizational issues, with whom I just spoke about this affair.[6] Among mathematicians who could be interested in the affair, I refer you for the mo- ment to Prof. E. Landau and Dr. Courant, both at the University of Göttingen.[7] I would appreciate it if I could soon learn of the time and location of the conference so that I can make my arrangements accordingly. I do not want to forget to point out that the miserable exchange-rate conditions make a trip to Switzerland consid- erably more difficult for our German, Austrian, etc., colleagues if they do not man- age to obtain some sort of assistance. I also remember with much pleasure the time we spent together in Prague.[8] In sending you and your wife[9] cordial regards, I remain, in the hope of soon seeing you again, yours. 156. To Jean Perrin Berlin, 5 Haberland St., 5 November 1919 Dear Perrin, I have received your offprints and I thank you cordially.[1] Your opinion of the primary importance of radiation in all chemical reactions still seems dubious to me, even if it were certain (which is not the case) that reactions of the type were of first order. It would be possible, for example, that molecules , whose internal energy surpasses a certain limit, decomposed in the same manner as radio- active bodies.[2] Another request. A relative of one of my cousins—a geologist—is in France as a prisoner of war. His mother (a widow), having lost her other son in the war, is in the greatest distress about her only son, because he has tried to escape many times. She is anxious at the thought—from his earlier attempts to escape from a difficult situation—that the man could try to escape again and get shot. Would it not be possible to do some- thing on behalf of this young scholar? The address: Pioneer August Moos P.O.W. Comp. No. 913 Charleville (Ardennes) With many kind regards to you, Mr. Langevin, and Mrs. Curie,[3] yours truly, A. Einstein Drop of sweat from revision.[4] J2 J J + J2
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